Who Is Alagie Barrow, The Alleged Gambian Attacker.

Young Alagie Barrow
Young Alagie Barrow

Kairabanews Exclusive: Ordinarily, we would not have profiled Barrow, because we found his role to be very miniscule and pedestrian. But the constant claims of heroism associated with him in the other online papers, thrust him into our radar for a second fiddle. To do justice to this sensitive subject, we had to deploy our superior investigative prowess to determine if indeed Alagie Barrow deserve the status of a hero or the strip of a stolen valor. Thanks to Barrow, our job has been made easy since he has littered the web with all the material we needed to tell this story.

Alagie’s family came from Jah Kunda, a hamlet located a few miles from Nyakoi, URD. This Editor had a brief stop over in Jah Kunda in 2001, during one of his provincial rendezvous. Barrow completed Nasir in 1993 and moved to the US in 1994. About ten years later in 2003, Alagie Barrow married Ajai L Johnson in Davidson county, Tennessee. He also naturalized the same year. He joined the National Guard in 2001 and was commissioned in 2008. Both Alagie and his 19 year old wife, registered as Independent voters in 2004. But three years after their marriage, Barrow and wife divorce in May 2006. The following month, Alagie remarried, this time to Fatou Sanneh and then went on to bring his mother to the US. In September of the same year, Alagie took a bank loan to buy a house in La Vergne, a city in the outskirt of Nashville, Tennessee. In January 2014, he was out of the military and went to work as account manager for REGAL-BELOIT

We will pick our investigations from 2006, because 3 major events featured prominently that year. He brought his mom to the US, He divorce Ajai Johnson, he re remarried to Fatou Sanneh and purchased a house in La Vergne, Tennessee.

Alagie Barrow, National Guard Name & ID Tag
Alagie Barrow, National Guard Name & ID Tag

Before he became an Officer in 2008, his main role in the army was to dress good, go around the shopping malls and entice young people to join the Army. This did not changed much after he became an officer. It was recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. Any insinuation of combat or heroism is totally ludacris. In fact the closest he came to combat was shortly after the Iraq war begun in 2003. Alagie and his unit were mobilized for Iraqi deployment. Some how, things did not panned out and they were not deployed. But this will not be his last lucky break from combat.

As it turned out, he will be lucky again on the night of December 30th. Alagie and co-conspirators traveled to the West African state of the Gambia primarily to overthrow the government of Yaya Jammeh. According to the FBI, Alagie received $125,000:00 from the operation’s chief sponsor. And all he did was clear the weapons from customs, placed them in a safe house, and obtained housing for fellow co-conspirators. Shortly after, he sneaked out of the country to a safe sanctuary in neighboring Senegal. His comrades endured a brutal defeat at the hands of Yaya Jammeh’s forces. Any attempt to blame Lamin Sanneh for changing the attack date rather than questioning Barrow’s AWOL status is merely a ploy to masquerade his cowardice. A Coup plot is a volatile proposition. Participants must be alert and in perpetual standby, ready to launch a preemptive strike when the need arises. For Barrow to be shuttling between Gambia and Senegal while the other co-conspirators remained anchored in one place in Gambia, tells a lot about Barrow. It reminds us about the Late LT Basiru Barrow. He was part of the July 22nd coup until he decided to withdraw his name the last minute apparently because he wanted the coup date to be extended and his comrades said its now or never.

One of the Gambian Attackers
Alagie Barrow, former member of the Tennessee National Guard

Far from the hero portrait painted, Alagie has been in financial distress for quite a while. Once an opportunity to make quick money presented itself, he capitalized. The FBI affidavit suggested that Alagie received a huge sum of $125,000:00. We know the other attackers were said to have received $4000:00 each. Surprisingly, Alagie’s wife Fatou Sanneh received $4000:00, same amount as those who went to Banjul to lay down their lives. Something is not right here. Where is the rest of the money? We know he bought some weapons and a few body armor and night vision goggles. Did he bought the guys all what they needed to take Jammeh’s loyalist out? We cannot tell nor do we care. Let cherno Njie deal with that. It was clear that Alagie had enough money to Buy a ticket to UK and wait it there until things have quietened down. Whose money was he spending in the UK? Again, we could careless about it. But the pattern unfolding here is very troubling. Should this money hungry man, be remotely close to power and wealth? That we will answer in the next paragraph.

To understand the depth of Alagie barrow’s financial mess, you would have to go back to 2006 again. We pointed out earlier that Barrow Bought a house in September 2006 shortly after he married Fatou Sanneh. But then could not pay back the bank which loaned him the money for the house. By 2011, the bank was fed up with Alagie and kicked him and the family out of his house at 101 Dreville Drive, La Vergne, Tennessee 37086. The bank went on to auction the property in July of the same year to the highest bidder. When Barrow was kicked him out of his house, the Bank promised not to come after Barrow if it makes less than the $124,800.00 he owes. This means any outstanding money after the auction will not be the responsibility of Alagie. Another lucky break for Alagie.

Incredibly, this financially constrained man made such a compelling case to Cherno that Cherno decided to hand him a huge amount. How can someone who owed the Bank $124,800:00, receive free money in the same amount, decide to endanger himself. Alagie had no intention of fighting Jammeh’s guards. He smell money and fell for it period. That means he had to do the little things to deflect everyone’s attention from the huge money bag of $125,000:00. That’s the definition of a con man. So this nonsense war hero thing must cease. Because it amounts to a stolen valor. Forget about hero talk, Alagie’s money problems is the sole motivator and not freedom fighting.

In 2012, Alagie was busted in TN for driving with a suspended license. We are curious to know why was his license suspended in the first place? Alagie is a Muslim so we immediately rule out driving while drunk or intoxicated. That leaves us with one very plausible explanation Dollars and Dimes. This means failure to carry vehicle insurance. Knowing Alagie as someone who would allow himself and family to be kicked out from their house for the lack of mortgage payment, it is not inconceivable to suggest that he had fail to pay his insurance premium and thus resulting in the suspension of his driver’s license. We feel bad for his lawyer who don’t seem to have a clue about the man he is defending. The lawyer’s claim that Alagie has never had a ticket before, borders on incompetence or a deliberate effort to mislead the court or appease the handful of Gambians in the courtroom. Either way, driving with a suspended license is a traffic infraction. Call it what u may its a violation of the traffic code. Unlike a traffic ticket, this is worse. Because you are not allowed to drive anywhere in the US.

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