Where Is MA Bah, Former Interior Minister?

Reports reaching Kairaba News indicate that the former interior minister in the dying days of dictator Yaya Jammeh’s government, is out of the jurisdiction of the Gambia. It is not immediately know why MA Bah left the country, but our source claims he has been in Guinea Country for the past two weeks. The source added that MA Bah still has family ties in that country. When quizzed as to why Bah would travel to Guinea at this point in time especially when there are ongoing investigations of former officials like himself. Our source  hinted that; MA Bah is a man known to have kept a large amount of cash in his home. As army pay master and later financial administrator, Bah is believed to have embezzled a lot of money from the army. Our source claims that MA Bah made sure that his loots were directly put into property investments in Lamin and other places. Our source believe that he might be trying to stash some of that cash away in Guinea to forestall any impending investigations. Our source also hinted at the possibility of him going to Guinea to get in contact with former dictator Jammeh. It has to be borne in mind that as minister of interior, MA Bah tried pulling off all tricks in the trick bag to ensure the survival of dictator Jammeh’s regime without success.

In September 2016, MA Bah, then a Colonel in the Gambia National Army was made a minister of interior by Yaya Jammeh, following the firing of Sonko. Jammeh is aware of the notoriety of MA Bah, and finds him useful in sustaining violence and intimidation on the electorate as elections looms. MA Bah, for a while tried to live up to his billing especially when he personally stormed into his neighbors houses searching for sorcerers. He believed that the neighbors harbored sorcerers for the purpose of undermining the authority of the Gambia Government. This behavior by MA Bah was unprecedented by a minister of the government.

Following dictator Jammeh’s downfall in January, MA Bah in grand MA Bah style, returned himself to the same position he used to occupy in the Army with a brand new Army uniform and a new rank. Days later, Army commander said, Bah returned with a letter claiming he was secretly promoted by dictator Jammeh, who had fled the country. Bah not only had his old job back, but he is now a Brigadier General. Many belief Bah promoted himself during the political impasse. But MA Bah’s new gig would be short lived. He was fired a few weeks later by the new Barrow’s government.

Pierre Gomez

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