Top Rank For Gambian Passport; But Top Snub For US Visa.

The small West African Country of the Gambia has the 10th best Passport in Africa. This news comes from the latest Power ranking of world passports released recently by Passport Index. The ranking has Seychelles as the African country with the best Passport. The Gambia dropped two spots from number 8 In 2015 to 10th position in 2017.

Passport power ranking measures the number of countries a passport holder is not required to obtain a visa for before entry. That is your ability to travel to countries without visas. The more countries you can travel to without a visa, the more power your passport has.

Ironically, despite the equity built into a Gambian passport, it generates one of the worse visa refusals at a United States Embassy. The denial rate is so alarming, that you would find it almost laughable, that the Global Passport Power Index ranks Gambia in such a prestigious position in Africa. In the recently released figures for the year 2016 by the US State Department, a Pew Research Center, found Gambia ranking among five worse counties. In fact, a Nigerian has three times better odds of securing a visa for American than a Gambian. Even a Somali has better chances of getting a US visa than a Gambian. A Gambian has slightly better odds than only four countries in the whole world!

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