Three Suspects In The Death Of A Gambian Arrested In New York.

suspects who killed a Gambian in the American state of New york
Suspects in the killing of Bubacarr Camara, captured on surveillance on the day of the crime as they entered the Store.

These three career criminals have all been arrested recently in New York and charged with the killing of Bubacar Camara. Camara is a native of Numuyel, a largely Sarahule village outside Basse in URR, The Gambia. On June 18th, the three men namely; Michael Adams, 29, of the Bronx, his brother-Steven Adams, 27, and Zubearu Bettis, 44, were alleged to have gone inside BNC General Merchandise t-shirt store and murdered Bubacarr Camara during a robbery attempt.

When the police responded to the crime scene at the store, they discovered Camara in such a horrible state that they mistakenly thought he must have been bludgeoned to death. However, these initial suspicions were later disproven after it was determined that Camara was actually shot dead with a gun used by the suspects.

The tragedy here is, these guys had used a gun to rob another store two days before Camara was killed. Surprisingly, the suspects allegedly continued their robbery spree in New York unabated. Barely  a week after they were alleged to have murdered Bubacarr Camara, Steven and Bettis were arrested in a different robbery in Manhattan on June 26th, and put in Jail. It was while the two were locked up in jail that the police discovered, upon further interrogations that these were the same guys that killed Babucar Camara, a week prior. On Thursday July 9th, Michael Adams was finally located and arrested as well. All three men have been charged with second-degree murder and robbery in the state court.

They have also been charged in Federal District Court with robbery and conspiracy to commit a robbery, and possessing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence resulting in death. They could face a maximum of life in prison or the death penalty if convicted on the federal charges, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Gambian immigrant shot dead in United states of America
Bubacarr Camara, 26 year old Gambian store keeper shot dead in New York

Bangally Camara is so distraught over the killing of his son that he refused to re-open the store. It is even said that he intends on keeping it closed and continue to pay the rent until the lease is over, then permanently close it for good. Bubacar had arrived in the US less than a year ago to help his father with the running of the BHC merchandise store. Unfortunately, his life was cut short in a botch robbery on June 18th, 2015.

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