Scavenger Butcher Ignite Public Outrage In Gambia.

Scavengers in Gambia.
Police arrived at the scene of a bizarre event, as Butcher retrieved a carcass from a dump ground.

In a brazen act of contempt for public health and morality, a man drew the ire of passerbys when he was caught trying to skin the carcass of what looks like a sheep or a cow, in a public dumping ground.

Surprised onlookers and passerbys were so appalled that they intervened to challenge the supposed Butcher. Within a short period, the police appeared on the scene. Thought this is a WhatsApp video shared by one of the bye standers, viewers can tell that the video appears to be 100% legit. In the background, you can clearly hear someone saying; “This is what he normally does: he scavenge for these dead animals, clean them really good, and sell them out to the public” Also in the background, you could hear an apprentice in a passing passenger vehicle pitching his ride to the town of Brikama. This left the viewer thinking, that the place of this disgusting behavior is none other than the metropolitan town of Serrekunda.

One thing that can be concluded from this episode is that if this man is so brazen to be doing what he is caught doing in full view of the public, chances are he is not an amateur in this profession. It calls into question the quality of the work public health officials and food inspectors are doing to safeguard the population.

pierre Gomez

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