Sallah Inspired by Humanity Framework Foundation for Staging Seminar on Poverty, Hunger etc.

Nusrat Senior Secondary School, The Gambia.
Halifa Sallah Flanked by students at Nusrat Sen. Sec. School

“I am deeply inspired by the fact that young people will take big time to interrogate how to become the architect of their own destiny,” said Halifa Sallah while addressing a seminar on poverty, hunger, disease and war organized by Humanity Framework Foundation held at Nusrat Senior Secondary School recently.

 He said every human being has a contract with destiny and that the person can either fulfill or breach the contract. He said if the person fulfills the contract then he or she becomes the architect of his or her own destiny. On the other hand, a breach makes a person a victim of blind destiny.

Halifa sallah speaking at Nusrat Senior secondary school, The Gambia
Halifa Sallah addressing students at Nusrat Senior Secondary School

“Your fundamental objective on hunger, war, disease and poverty is to build the architecture for a better humanity. I will share with you what will help to broaden the horizon of your minds so that you know what role to play to build humanity.  You have to have a sense of understanding of what constitutes humanity so that it can be easy to tackle it. For instance, hunger, people must be satisfied with the quantity and quality of food that enable them to live as human being. If people are deprived of food then hunger cannot be eradicated. While on poverty, sufficient earnings by the people need to increase as a method of tackling poverty crisis. Poverty brings hunger and poor society and to be able to tackle these issues people must have knowledge about us and the society in order to become architect of our own destiny,” said Sallah.

He said to be able to address the problems of hunger, war, poverty and disease around the world strategies must be outline to show how such can be under controlled.

“We cannot live without relying on the means of production of the society such as lands in agriculture to able to produce our food. The battle of human society has been over the means of production of the society. This is what has given rise to world of conquest, empire building and domination of one human being over other and one country over another. The production of material requirement such as food, water, cloth, housing to be able to live etc must take place in the geo-political environment that we call state. Control that state, how such authority is exercised under that state, will determine whether a state live in conflict or in a state of harmony,” he said.

The former Minority Leader of the National assembly said the knowledge of people especially young ones is important on the country’s environment, natural, economic and social in order to be able to know exactly how to build it in order to preserve our common humanity in liberty, dignity and prosperity noting that that is the essence of education.

He said people must understand the science of nature and science of the society in order to be the architect of their own destiny. He said civilization cannot be built without knowledge and that civilization starts from converting knowledge into a way of life.

“And we must have the ability to think and transform that thinking into an invention and we must be able to use our invention to be able to think. A generation that cannot think, that cannot invent, that cannot build is a generation of worst, is a generation that will be reduced to the ratchet of the earth, he indicated.

Mr. Sallah informed that the sources of poverty, hunger, disease and war are linked with the ownership of the means of production. He said if a society can provide the basic necessities for its people such will be eradicated. He also noted another source is the absolute rule of the society by the might who use coercive as instrument in administering in controlling the people.

“Human being do not accept domination once they become conscious of their rights. They reject and refused to be oppressed, exploited, dominated and this is what leads to rebellion to free them from denomination of slavery and become liberated human being,” he remarked. 

Earlier speaking,  Mr. Sheriff Janha, the President of the Humanity Framework Foundation at the seminar said conflicts among men have been common for food, resources, power, and lust concluding that all conflicts in the world are manmade.

“We are living in a world where violence, diseases, poverty and terrorism have become the order of the day. Weapons of mass destruction stockpiled by many, posed a real threat to the survival of humanity. Terror attacks are a daily happening. Violence of all kinds occurs at family and community levels, public spaces, even in schools and in courts. We have to identify the roots of violence and to address them instead of declaring global war against violence and terrorism. The futility of this war is evident from the statistics of increased violence in the countries where it is going on. We have to learn from the experience of peace from a global perspective,” said Janha.

Ms. Mariama Ceesay, a member of the organization deliberating on factors affecting world peace cited that religious difference, communal wars, poverty, corruption, intolerance of faith and beliefs difference in doctrines, terrorism, power, and natural disaster are all contributing factors.

“Despites all the emergence of alternatives approaches towards bettering the world, we human are still selfish, violent and conflict is inevitably coexisting with us. We selfishly pursue our own interests and neglect the well-being of others,” she indicated.

Other speakers included Mr. Abdoulie Nyass, the Vice President of the Foundation, Mr. Pa Saidy Ann, an officer of the agriculture ministry of the organization, Mr. Omar Touray, head of Education ministry of the organization etc have all deliberated on their respective areas of the organization.

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