President Yaya Jammeh Of The Gambia, Conceded Defeat.

Gambian president loses election
President Yaya Jammeh of the Gambia, in an unfamiliar territory. What next for him?

In a stunning development in the Gambia today, Yaya Jammeh called Adama Barrow, leader of the opposition coalition and the winner of the December 1st Presidential election, to congratulate him on winning the elections. This unprecedented development marks the end of a brutal chapter of the Gambia’s political experience.

Jammeh originally came to power in 1994 following a peaceful overthrow of the then president Dawda K. Jawara. That bloodless overthrow of Jawara’s goverment on Friday July 22nd, would usher in the iron fist rule of President Jammeh for the next 22 years. Over the past 22 years, men in uniform tried several unsuccessful attempts to unseat Jammeh with the barrel of the gun without success.

In the end, it was not the bullet that pull the trick, rather, the peace loving citizens of the Gambia with their votes.

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