Plumbing For Charity. UK Plumber Takes His Talents To Gambia.

Bansang Hospital in the Gambia
Types of run down plumbing systems found at the Bansang Hospital. Mark’s job entails replacing these units and teaching new sustainable ways of maintaining them
UK Charity going to Bansang, the Gambia
Mark Antrobus, UK plumber making a second trip to Bansang in the Gambia to fix the poor plumbing in the hospital

Mark Antrobus, a plumber with Millside Heating, will be in Bansang, in the CRR on Tuesday January 5th, 2016. This will be his second trip to Bansang Hospital to provide charity work in the second oldest hospital in the country. His objective is to oversee improvement of the hospital’s plumbing and sanitation systems. In January 2014, Mark made a similar trip to Bansang hospital to install new toilets and shower cubicles in various wards at the hospital.

Mark, is a trustee for the BPEC charity, which provide training and improve heating, water and plumbing systems for vulnerable people around the world. BPEC, which stands for British Plumbing Employers Council, is a commercial organisation which also has a charity running projects in developing countries such as Malawi and Mozambique

Mark, 52, announced his trip on twitter and urged people to tell him what kind of football jerseys the youth of Bansang would like for their local football team.

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