Madina-ba Junction Gambia, Scene Of A Horrific Accident Yesterday.

Gambia accident at Madinaba
Part of the accident scene, with the truck and part of the mosque wall still standing.

Driver of a big rig coming from the border town of Giboro lost control at the Madinaba junction post, and rammed into a mosque. The force of the impact parachutes the entire cargo of live cattles to their violent deaths.

Accident scene in the Gambia
More than a dozen cattle that perished yesterday at the scene of the accident.

The horrific images of mangled pieces of metal, dead cattle and blood littered the gruesome scene. Shocked onlookers, stared in disbelief as they learnt that their was no human casualty. However, the entire cargo of live cattles was not so lucky as all 16 cattles perished when they were all thrown off board following the impact.

As the country prepares for a major Muslim feast of Tobaski, there have been a rash of road accidents, some of which have been very deadly.
The accident was reported by an eyewitness who claimed to have been at the scene moments after the accident. The anonymous eye witnessed shared both his thought and photos of the scenes with members of his whatsup group.
Pierre Gomez

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