Is Malta A Victim Of Double Scam?


A news story covered by the press in Malta yesterday caught our attention for the wrong reasons. The story attracted our curiosity for the low tech ID scam perpetrated by someone alleged to be a 31 year old Gambian male.

According to the media in Malta yesterday, one Eliman Seck, who arrived in Malta by boat in 2008, was able to obtain the country’s passport fraudulently. But, the sweet part of the story is yet to come. Eliman, was held in detention for four months in 2008 soon after his illegal entry into Malta by boat for refugee purpose. Somehow, Eliman whose names appear more Senegalese to the Editor that Gambian, was able to escape from detention and disappeared. You would think Eliman left Malta for some other destinations. But, you would be wrong for thinking that way because Eliman went right back to the authorities in Malta with a an Identity documents he stole from a citizen of Malta. The authorities gave him a brand new Maltese Passport. The Passport has Eliman’s photo, but the name was not his. Now, let’s reset this story again. Eliman Seck, entered Malta illegally in 2008. He was arrested and detained for four months. But escaped from detention and was brave enough to go back to the authorities to obtain a passport with stolen documents.

With a brand new passport, Eliman began travelling to Italy and back to Malta on many occasions. Finally, he rans out of luck and the court has sentenced him to six month in prison for using stolen documents. But the real story here is not the easy you can obtain documents in Malta fraudulently, is the question of whether this Eliman Seck is actually Gambian. The Editor has used many variables to conclude that Eliman is not a Gambian. Although Secka is a common last name in Gambia, Seck, on the other hand is uniquely Senegalese. If Malta can be deceived into giving him their documents, how hard would it be to con them into believing that he is from Gambia? The Editor wonders! Gambian documents are a premium in the west. Gambia’s battered image on human rights makes Gambian documents a must for asylum seekers. Senegalese, Guineans Ghanaians and perhaps others who made it to Italy immediately declares they are Gambians because they do not have to show any documents to proof they are Gambians. And if they are challenged, they have good excuses as many have once lived or visited Gambia at some point.

Pierre Gomez

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