Gambia’s Grand Theft Of The Century, We Look Back 35 Years Ago.

35 Years ago, the so called Yundum High Way robbery happened in a manner and style reminiscent of a Hollywood movie. Today’s edition of Encounter, will help tell a story many never knew.

Less than half of the Gambia’s population knew what went down on the highway between Serrekunda and Yundum International Airport, some 35 years ago. The so called theft of the century was so big, so complicated that by the time the dust settled or should we say never settled, many were stained, but none was penalized.

The grand theft popularly referred to as the Yundum High Way Robbery, or simply the Banjul CFA France saga happened on the evening of September 30th, 1980. The original actors were Bank officials from the Government owned Gambia Commercial and Development Bank (GCDB) and unsophisticated thiefs from the Kombos. The results CFA 196 798 000:00 was stolen from the Bank officials. But the story did not end there. By the time everything was over, a cloud of suspicion was hanging over the Bank officials, the thiefs, the police and the judiciary. Because, as it turned out, we cannot confirmed if anyone ever paid for the crime of the missing money.

Today, as we mark this 35th anniversary, we will be bringing you the actual report of what really happened and much more. So stay tuned to find out who has this big money today.

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