Gambian Sainey Marong Held For Murder in New Zealand.

Sex worker killed by Gambian
Marong, the man accused of murdering Christchurch woman Renee . Photo / Facebook from The New Zealand Helrald
Gambian linked to the death of Renee Duckmanton
Security footage of Renee walking on Peterborough St in Christchurch at about 9pm on May 14.

Sainey Marong is the latest Gambian involved in yet another death investigation, this time in New Zealand. Marong is presently being tried for the death of Renee Duckmanton of Christchurch. In January this year, a Gambian whose names were partically released as Abdou I, in order to protect his privacy, was charged and later convicted in the killing of an American lady named Lauren Mann in Austria.

The killing of Renee Duckmanton on May 14th was by far more gruesome. Renee was a sex worker, who probably was hired to be with somebody at their home, but was later found burned and abandoned on a rural road, 60km away from Christchurch.

At around 11pm on May 26th, Marong was arrested for the murder but quickly applied for name suppression, a privacy clause that prevent the release of a suspect name and images. This means no one would know who he was except those in the courtroom and police. During his first count appearance on Friday May 27th, drama ensued and the judge had to stop the proceedings so the family members of the victim could be cleared out of the court because of their verbal tirade at Marong. When Marong was back in court yesterday, they did not file an extension for name suppression for reasons best know to his lawyers. This means for the first time the whole world can find out about Marong and even see his images.

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