Gambian Arrested In Switzerland For Killing An American In Austria.

Gambian Abdou arrested in Switzerland.
Lauren Mann (picture from Fb) was found mendacity half-bare, face-down on a mattress at her apartment on Tuesday 26 January.

This American lady is believed to have been killed by a Gambian last week. Ironically, the reports alleged that the said Gambian named Abdou I, was an illegal immigrant in Austria. Lauren took Abdou I to her home to prevent his deportation. The reports had it that Abdou has had his Asylum application denied and was being sought for deportation when the victim took him into her apartment to hide him from the authorities who wanted to deport him.

Next, the generous young lady was found dead in her apartment. Police went into her apartment because she had not reported to work. They found her lifeless body in the room while her Gambian refugee friend went missing. Police have since been searching for the missing Gambian until they were able to locate him on Thursday in Bern, Switzerland, at an asylum center. Police used his cell phone to trace the 24 year old male.

Lauren Mann, 25, from Grand Junction, Colorado was studying in Vienna when she was found dead on Tuesday January 26th in her apartment. Prosecutors in Vienna have requested Abdou’s extradition from the Swiss authorities. This latest development of a refugee involved crime in Europe is another unwelcomed event that will create more negative press for the already scrutinized refugee population. During the new year’s celebrations across Europe, refugees mainly from the middle eastern countries assaulted hundreds of women, thus creating a backlash towards the refugees from the Middle East. If this mystery Abdou turns out to be a Gambia as is claimed, it would undermine the remaining trust, if any in refugees from west Africa. It has to be noted that a lot of asylum seekers willfully misrepresent their nationality to improve the chances of success of their asylum application. In order words, not everyone who claims to be fleeing from The Gambia is Gambian. Until we can see this 24 year old Abdou, we may not be able to conclusively rule that he is Gambian.

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