Gambia Coup Anniversary.

President Jammeh calls it a terrorist attack on Gambia
President Jammeh parading some of the US made weapons captured from Western based Gambian dissidents who attacked the presidential Palace on December 30th, 2014

Today, Yaya Jammeh marks 22 years in power following a successful coup on this day, Friday July 22nd, 1994. That coup, was an audacious plot, by junior officers of the Gambia national army that changed the Gambia and its image forever. The surprise coup was flawlessly executed under the pretext of a joint military training exercise between members of the US army and the Gambia National Army.

Though the US army was present on the ground for the supposed training, the Gambian army decide to overthrow the government hours before the exercise was scheduled to commenced.

Looking back at the past 22 years, the young Jammeh regime withstood many challenges. Chief among them was the April 10th student demonstrations of 2000. Prior to that was the November 11 counter coup that led to the deaths of many soldiers. But the most brazen assault the government survived was the December 30th, attack on the presidential palace in 2014. That attack along with others like the 2006 failed coup have made Jammeh look almost invincible to the eyes of many Gambians. How long does he has to survive? How long does he want to continue to rule? Time will tell.

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