Dr Cyril Wecht Opinion On Ebrima Barry’s Autopsy Report.

Ebrima Barry's death 15 years ago
Dr Cyril Wecht, on the death of Ebrima Barry, in Gambia 15 years ago

In the run up to the 15 anniversity of the students massacare of April 10th and 11th 2000, we contacted Dr Cyril Wecht a member of nine person forensic pathology panel that re-examined the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We wanted him to look at the copy of the autopsy report by Dr Rafael Rizo (RVTH) on the death of Ebrima Barry in 2000. But when Dr Wecht look at the poorly prepared report we copied him, he was flabbergasted at what he saw and requested a complete copy of the autospy report inorder to give his expert opinion. He demanded that the complete report contain the following specific information.

i. Any microscopic tissue slides to examine?
ii. Decedent’s past medical history.
iii. Any medical complaints from the decedent during the 24 hours prior to his collapse?
iv. Any injuries to his legs?
vi. Any evidence of dehydration?
vii. What was the temperature that day?
viii. Any investigative reports from local authorities?

And he concluded,
“A pulmonary infarct would be very uncommon in a 25 year old healthy person. It is a shame that this autopsy was not performed by an experienced forensic pathologist . It certainly is a case that should have been thoroughly investigated and reviewed by competent unbiased professionals”.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any additional material beyond what has been released as an official autopsy.

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