Bubacarr Camara’s Killers Pleaded Guilty At The Federal Courts In New York.

Adams brothers pleaded guilty to killing a Gambian.
BNC General Merchandise store where Bubacarr Camara was shot dead last year in New York.

On Thursday April 28th, Michael Adams, 30, admitted in federal courts to shooting and killing Bubacarr Camara, 26, while robbing BNC General Merchandise on June 18, 2015, according to U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. His brother, Stephen Adams, pleaded guilty to the same charges on March 30th. Zubearu Bettis, is the third remainding suspect who has not plead guilty yet to the charges.

It could be recalled that the trio robbed and killed Bubacarr Camara last year at the BNC General Merchandise. According to his father Bangally Camara, the robbery went down between 12:20pm and 1:00pm. He stated that neighbors said they saw his son at 12:20pm. But when he tried calling the store at 12:57pm to talk to his son, he did not pick the phone up. He called again, but there was no answer for the second time. However, he did not think serious of it because he thought he must have been performing his afternoon prayers since he is a devout muslim. Shortly thereafter, his daughter called him saying, “you need to get to the store now because something has happened.”. This was how he came to find out about the killing of his son. Bangally further explained to Virginia Valerio of westsiderag.com how he contemplated closing the store for good but had to change his mind as bills started piling up.

Gambian immigrant shot dead in United states of America
B. Camara, 26 year old Gambian store keeper shot dead in NY last year

The charges these men face carry a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum of life in prison. Adams, his brother Steven Adams, 28, and Zubearu Bettis, 44, entered the BNC General Merchandise T-shirt store where Camera was working around 12:30 p.m., shot him in the back of the head and left him in the back of the store. Camara, wasn’t found until 90 minutes later, police said. There was so much blood around him that police initially said he was beaten with some type of an object and decided to rush him to  St. Luke’s Hospital, where not only was he was pronounced dead, but it was discovered that Camara was actually shot dead.

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