An Arrest In The Killing Of Another Gambian In America.

Gambian killed in America
Sanna Manneh, Gambia shot dead in North Carolina, USA
Jamol Louis Dixon
Jamol Louis Dixon, the 26 year old accused of killer

As we have always been doing, this time, we report the arrest of a 26-year-old Jamol Louis Dixon, of Durham, in the state of North Carolina. Dixon was taken into custody without incident on Wednesday afternoon by members of the U.S. Marshals Joint Fugitive Task Force. Dixon is believed to have shot dead Sanna Manneh on November 18th, 2015 at about 11pm. Manneh was shot dead while driving his car on the night in question.

Sanna Manneh is said to have hailed from Bundung and believed to have arrived in the United States as an Asylee some 16 years ago. He lives behind a young son. Sanna Manneh has had a few minor brushes with the law in the form of traffic infractions and possession of illegal stuff. His father is Dr Momodou S.K. Manneh.

Dr Manneh was a very significant political figure in the first republic. In May 1982, President Jawara appointed Dr Manneh Minister of Economic Planning & Industrial Development and dismissed him in April 1985. Dr Manneh was a hot head who made a name in terrorizing the opposition in the Baddibus. To this effect, the main opposition party (NCP), released a protest statement in November 1984 outlining some of the atrocities alleged to have been committed by Dr SK Manneh and fellow cabinet member, Dr Lamin Saho. Matters came to a head when Hon. Makalo, an opposition member of parliament was arrested in April 1985, and charged with incitement and damage of public property. At that point, president Jawara concluded that the net benefit of the violence introduced into Gambian politics by Dr Manneh, was not worth the divisiveness it created in the Baddibus, and hence fired Dr. Manneh. But Dr Manneh would have the last laugh.

It turned out that Dr Manneh had secretly engaged in a maneuver to siphon free petroleum proceeds given to Gambia by Nigeria. Monies from the said petroleum is said to have made its way to President Jawara’s private accounts according to revaluations made at the commission of inquiry following the overthrow of the Jawara regime.

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