‘A World at School’ Global Youth Ambassador Exposes Grade 6 Students on Career Planning

Grade 6 students in the Gambia
Salimatou Fatty, a ‘A World At School’ Global Youth Ambassador

Ms. Salimatou Fatty, a ‘A World At School’ Global Youth Ambassador in the Gambia, launched by the current United Nations Secretary General Banki Moon with the goal to achieving the dream of all the children attaining their education rights by 2015 has conducted a weeklong meeting of grade six students to expose them on the importance of career planning.

The events were organized on different days for different schools including Serekunda, Bakoteh, Bundung Lower Basic school propers and annexes as well as Latrikunda lower basic school.

Gambia grade six students
Grade 6 pupils at ‘A World At School’ Global Youth Ambassador

It has also given the opportunity to the students to raise some concerns that are considered as hurdles in pursuance of the education despite the free education package introduced by the government.

Ms. Salimatou Fatty, said ‘A World At School’ is an initiative launched by the United Nations Secretary General, Banki Moon to complement the MDG education goal by 2015. She said they are here to encourage the governments to supports and put inline all the education policies at the level of the less privilege in order to make education access to all.

while speaking at the various schools on the same message of career planning, she said the week-long activity is geared towards building the future of the lower students by advising them to choose the appropriate field of study on something that they want to become in the future. She said it has been realized that so many people are victims of wrong selection of career choice which affect the in the entirety of their life.

school kids of the Gambia
Salimatou Fatty, addressing pupils at a ‘A World At School’ Global Youth Ambassador

“All these days, I have been sensitizing students on this same message because I know that it is important. My targets are grade six students because I know that they are leaving for secondary education. If they go to grade seven, they will take all the subjects as usual but the issue is that if they have understanding on the issues like this it will make them know from the onset that this is what they want to become and therefore they will take that area more seriously,” said Ms Fatty.

The defender of children’s right to education added that so many people are victims today because they didn’t know the best field they should have focus on and therefore their entire life has been disadvantaged.

Meanwhile, the students of various schools on their needs have unanimously called on the government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) more assistance to the quality of education. They complained that despite the introduced free education there is lots needed for them to better improve and fulfill their potentials. They called for supports on the following areas; equipped libraries, more standard toilets, caretakers, desks, text books, uniforms etc.

The students also called for higher pay for their teachers citing their important roles in their lives while calling on parents for proper care at home and a consistent viable parenthood advice.

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